SPRAYTAN - NATURal tanned body

With a professional spraytan at Copenhagen Spa & Wellness in Copenhagen you a get a natural tan without any smell and without it looking artificial.

This is a personal spraytan, which means that it is a real person spraying the fluid onto you. After only one treatment with this special fluid, you will achieve a tan that looks like you have been on a 14 days holiday in the south.

The fluid that we use gives you a natural golden colour, that doesn't turn orange. The colour lasts for 5-10 days and the treatment is completely safe. 

​For that reason this is a healthy and safe way to get a nice good looking tan.

All fluids that we use are allergy friendly and free of parabens, leaving your skin deliciously soft. We offer wholesale agreements on request.


Get the perfect result by getting a thorough bodypeeling before your spraytan.​

Time: 15 min

1 person ​price: KR. 175,-


Time: 15 min

Price: Kr. 250,-

Good advice before spraytan

1. How to do

In order to get best result you need to peel your skin the day before the treatment (or in the morning on the same day). This can eather be done with a bodyscrub or a glove. It is important that you scrub the skin on your entire body  - also using the towel afterwards.

You must not use bodylotion or oil on the same day as your are having the spraytan. Try to avoid antiperspirant or deodorant on the day of your treatment.

The tanning fluid you will be sprayed with contains DHA, which is the active ingredient in all selftanners.

The DHA is active on your skin immediately after your treatment and up to 6 hours after. You can see the colour straight away, but you will only be able to see the final result of the treatment after you have taken a bath.

You decide for yourself if you want to bathe after the 6 hours or if you want to wait until the day after your treatment - the result will be the same.

If you are going out on the same evening, please tell us before the treatment, so we can make sure that the colour looks super good for the same evening.

Just remember to wear black clothes as the colour can come of a bit on your clothes, until you have bathed ;-)

2. The spraytan treatment

The treatment is done by a person spaying your entire body with the tanning fluid. The fluid is airbrushed on with professional equipment by the the professional spraying you.​

If you choose to keep your underwear on, you don't get tanned on the areas covered by the underwear. The clothes don't get ruined in any way, but it is best to wear dark underwear. The colour that comes of onto your clothes is easily washed of. 

Should there be any residue of colour on your clothes after washing (this happens very rarely), we do not compensate. Please wear dark clothes with a loose fit and if you are a woman leave the bra at home. You will be deliciously tanned when you leave our clinic and remember​​ that the colour must stay on your skin for at least 6 hours before bathing.

The spraytan treatment itself takes about 15 minutes and you will feel the fluid on your skin for about one hour after the treatment. It doesn't ruin the colour to put clothes on - only if they have a tight fit. 

3. After the treatment

In the days after your spraytan treatment, it is important that you moisturize your skin with a moisturizer every day to ensure that your colour stays even, as it slowly begins to fade of. Long hot baths, shaving and bodyscrub will shorten the durability of the colour. 


However you can prolonge the beautiful colour by using a selftan spray that can be bought for 199,-

​It gives the same beautiful result as it contains a bit of the same ingredient as the spraytan fluid and will therefore help to maintain the beautiful glow longer. The spray can can be bought in our shop.


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