​​Hotstone massage​

Time: 60 min. (90 min.)

​Price: Kr. 799,- (1199,-)

Classic​ massage

Time: 60 min. (90 min.)

PRIce: KR. 699,- (1099,-)

​​Deep tissue massage

Time: 60 min. (90 min.)

PRIce: KR. 799,- (1199,-)

Back, neck, shoulder​ massage

Time: 30 min.​​

PRIce: KR. 449,-

Pregnancy​ massage with footbath and peeling

Time: 75 min.​​

PRIce: KR. 949,-

​​Tranquillity Pro-Stress massage

Do you need a break from a stressful every day life? Our de-stressing Tranquillity Pro Stress massage​ is for you who need to relax.

The massage takes 75 min. and is carried out in a combination of manual massage and silky smooth brushes that stimulate the nerve ends. The massage helps your body recover from stressful situations and has an effect on your body's sensoric senses for deep relaxation.

The oils and aromas have an effect on body and mind. 

Time: 75 min.

​Price: Kr. 1199,-


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