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Schrammek GreenPeel®

With Green Peel® you can look after your skin without the use of knife, injections or rough chemical treatments.

NB: This peeling is also suitable for very sensitive skin types. 

A medical naturally developed peeling that optimizes the functions of your skin from the inside out, and is a treatment with visible results within short time.

Green Peel® is developed by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek, who is specialized in the field of aging and allergy. The Peeling consists of 10 differents herbs and is rich on seaweed, minerals, enzymes and vitamins and is so natural that you can eat it.

The herbal peeling is applied on the face with a brush and massaged into the skin for it to work from the inside and out. All the different peeling strenghts give your skin a unique glow and you can feel your skin being stimulated several days after the treatment. The Green Peel® method has four differents types of treatments with different variation in strenght. 

All peelings give visible results and improvements for all skin types and age groups. The mildest peelings are Peel4Beauty & Peel Fresh Up that are very popular as they give an amazing glow and prevent aging at the same time. Now even clients with very sensitiv skin can benefit from a Green Peel treatment that their skin can endure and that even strenghtens their skin at the same time. The deeper peelings Energy and Classic are for more concrete skin problems such as dilated pores, impurities, pigmentation, scars and deep wrinkles. All treatments give a unique glow and stimulate the skin at the same time from the inside out over the following couple of days.

IMPORTANT: It is important that you come 10 min. before your treatment starts, as you will be given a paper with some client information that you will need to read and sign before we can carry out the treatment. 

Green Peel® Fresh UP

Improves your skin's circulation and is efficient in minimizing the first lines and small scars. The free radicals are cleansed out and it both prevents and smooths out hyper-pigmentation. It also softens and improves rough skin with slightly dilated pores. You can feel a slight blushing and perhaps a tickeling sensation in your skin depending  on its condition. The peeling's effective activation of your skin can cause it to peel off (as when overexposed to the sun) over the following couple of days. 

You should avoid direct sunlight for the following 4 weeks.

Time: 60 min.

​Price: Kr. 1185,-

Green Peel® Energy – Stimulate your skin 

The popular “Party Peel”, that gives such a radiant glow, that you will look smashing at a party. This peeling has an preventing effect on wrinkles and is very effective on treating wrinkles, pigmentation, dilated pores and acne.

It is also ideal as a preparation for the deeper treatments.

Time: 45 min.

​Price: Kr. 985,-

Green Peel® Classic– Renew your skin 

This is the original Green Peel® and is the deepest out of the three sorts of treatments.

It improves and targets uneven, coarse skin, loss of elasticity, wrinkles, dilated pores, acne and scars. It stimulates the skin's cell renewal, so that the skin renews and regenerates itself from within. Straight after the treatment your skin will shortly blush and be warm like after a sunburn. During the after-treatment that you get 5-7 days after the first treatment, you will enjoy a relaxing and moisturizing facial. Your skin will feel as good as new: Soft, clean and more even in texture.

Normally the skin of your face renews itself in about 28 days, but the Green Peel speeds up the process so that the cell renewall happens in only 5 days!

The peeling is massaged into your skin by a specially trained comethologist. After this the top cellular layer of your skin will slightly peel of caused by the special microparticles of the herbs, and the growth zone of your skin is thus stimulated to create new skin cells. It causes an increase in the blood flow and thereby an improvement of the cell's oxygen uptake and metabolism.

Some days later (about 3 days - it varies) the skin starts to peel of and 5 days later you get an after-treatment that is included in the price. Depending on your skin's condition, your lifestyle, your effort in cleansing at home etc. we recommend further treatments to achieve the best result. It is of course very individual how many treatments are needed. The best result is achieved by an interval of about 3 weeks between the first and the second treatment. After that about 4 weeks between further treatments.

​An individual skin analysis is given before the first treatment


Extra expenses must be expected for special home care products to ensure optimal care and regeneration of your skin.  

Time: 75 + 60 min.

​Price: Kr. 1795,-

Darphin luxury facial treatment

​Darphin is a professional skin care line from Paris. It is based on extractions from the finest flowers and essential oils. The nourishing formulas create the luxurious treatments that are tailored for the needs and wishes of each individual client. Only the absolute best ingredients get through Darphin's eye of the needle - thus the client achieves the optimal effect and enhanced well-being in a universe of aromatic essential oils.

The treatment starts with a skin analysis, cleansing, toner, peeling of dead skin cells, deep cleansing of eventual impurities, 20 min facial, scalp and decolletage massage, followed by a lovely mask containing the many active ingredients from Darphin's mask series. Finally the treatment is finished with a serum for the skin type and a moisturizer. After that advice are given in regards to home care products.

​Time: 75 min.

​Price: Kr. 999,-

​​Mini facial

The treatment is carried out with products from Exuviance. 

It consists of cleansing, peeling and finishing moisturizer (serum, eye cream and day cream). 

Time: 30 min.

​Price: Kr. 399,-

Classical facial

The treatment is carried out with products from Exuviance.

It starts with a skin analysis and thereafter the cosmethologist tailors the treatment for the specific client.

Time: 60 min.

PRIce: KR. 599,-

​​Luxury Facial treatment

The treatment is carried out with products from Exuviance.

It consists of cleansing, AHA peeling, massage, mask according to the client's needs og finishing moisturizers (serum, eye cream and day cream).

For her: Correction of brows and colouring of brows or lashes.

For him: Back, shoulder and neck massage.

Time: 90 min.

PRIce: KR. 899,-

Lunchpeel facial with the "gold"mask

Time: 45 min.​​

PRIce: KR. 499,-

Deep cleansing 

The treatment is carried out with products from Exuviance.

It consists of cleansing, AHA peeling, deep cleansing, mask and finishing moisturizers (serum, eye cream and day cream).

Time: 60 min.​​

PRIce: KR. 599,-

Microdermabrasion (Diamant peeling)

Time: 30 min.​​

PRIce: KR. 499,-

DermaOXY + Microdermabrasion (Diamant peeling)

The full package

Time: 60 min.​​

PRIce: KR. 799,-

DermaOXY alone

Without diamant peeling​​

Time: 30 min.​​

PRIce: KR. 499,-

Rebook a new DermaOXY + Microdermabrasion (Diamant peeling)

Notice: If you buy a voucher for 5 treatments and you pay up front, you get it at a special price. 

Time: - min.​​

PRIce: KR. 599,-

Facts about the Microdermabrasion (diamant peeling)

​Microdermabrasion is a profound peeling that reduces wrinkles, evens out your skin while moisturizing and freshing it up at the same time.

The treatment is carried out by micro-diamants that polish the skin, remove the dry layer of the epidermis and enhance the bloodcirkulation, which adds to the lifting effect. It is completely pain free and is especially well suited for lines and wrinkles, dilated pores, sundamaged skin, uneven pigmentation and acne scars.  

​Facts about the dermaOXY treatment

DermaOXY keeps the skin young, deminishes lines and wrinkles, gives vitality and new glow to the skin, increases the skin's elasticity and improves the look of the skin, increases the moisture balance and gives an immediate lift. Visible results after only 20 minutes.  

The DermaOXY oxygen lift is based on concentrated oxygen, where a specially developed serum is boosted onto the the skin by an airbrush. The concentrated oxygen along with the serum causes the serum to be pressed into the skin giving it a natural lift.

What skin type is an oxygen treatment most suitable for?

For all skin types: The dry, old or young skin.

The treatment step by step:

Your oxygen treatment starts by us going through your skin type and finding out together what serum you are to have absorbed into your skin.

After that you will have your skin thoroughly cleansed, the diamant peel and then a 40 minute absorbtion of the serum with oxygen. You finish with a serum, eye cream and day cream.

The treatment step by step - choice 2:

Your oxygen treatment starts by us going through your skin type and finding out together what serum you are to have absorbed into your skin. After that you get your skin thoroughly cleansed, peeling of the dead skin cells, 20 min. absobtion of the serum with oxygen. After that you finish with a moisturizing serum, eye cream and day cream. 


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